As a Supplement to the Quiz

The contents of this page allows personal experimentation...

Without any "blend" (i.e. only PTStitcher)
With Enblend

(aka XBlend)

With Smartblend
With PTGui 5
No Crop:

FF 200 x 200 degrees

FF Crop:

88 x 132 degrees

The differences (if any) between output panoramas of the lower row are so small that I have shown here only one. The reader may compare the actual output panoramas if needed (see below).

Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

From a previously rendered Panorama (6500 x 3250 pixels), I have extracted (2000 x 2000 pixels) FF fisheye Images using the "Adjust" filter of the PanoTools PS CS plugin.

The "p" and "y" parameters were successively set to produce Virtual images that simulate those that would have been shot with a peculiar Lens/Sensor combo. These are 200 x 200 degrees FF Fisheye images.

(0, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240, 270, 300 degrees (y= yaw), one is from Zenith (p= pitch=90 degrees) et one is the Nadir (p=pitch= -90 degrees).

A gradient mask was then applied radially to simulate a "heavy" loss of sharpness from the center toward the edges of the source images. A ~100 degrees Diameter sharp centered circle area was however preserved.

Click on the thumbnail images that you want to use. (Ten JPEG images, each about 0.5 mB)

Zenith p=90 degrees
Yaw=60 degrees
Yaw=90 degrees
Yaw=120 degrees
Yaw=180 degrees
Yaw=240 degrees
Yaw=270 degrees
Yaw=300 degrees
Yaw =0 degrees

Nadir p=-90 degrees

The various angular distance (Yaw) can be used in association with the VERY high FOV (200 deg) for versatile production of many other valid sets of parameters.

  1. two images (opposite, i.e. angularly spaced by 180 degrees)
  2. three images (angularly spaced by 120 degrees for example, other not so regular combinations are however also feasible),
  3. four images (angularly spaced by 90 degrees for example, other not so regular combinations are however also feasible),
  4. five images(many combination are feasible),
  5. six images (angularly spaced by 60 degrees for example, other not so regular combination are however also feasible),

(PTGui and PTMac) for you to remake easily the experiments that have primarily been suggested. Those scripts were made for the "six images on the horizontal row" case.

These are oriented to get you in pathfinder tracks:

Remember first that the source images are 2000 x 2000 pixels in dimension and that corresponds LINEARLY to 200 x 200 degrees FOV. To Crop to 188 x 192 degrees as an example, just select 1880 x 1920 pixels and vice versa.

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