Lessons learned and conclusion

The bad side :

The two following statements which could be extracted from a course to make panorama by stitching several fisheye pictures are contradictionary :

Only one set of conditions fulfill completely both requirements :

This is a method which has been patented in the US and furiously protected by a commercial venture....

This method limits the resolution of the panorama and the overlapping area is rather small and therefore requires some skill to make good panos.

NEW: Approximation of this method is presented there for 2004 DSLR...

The bright side :

Everybody now knows where this elusive Nodal Point is located for a given rotation (2 * ß) of the camera and better control against parallax errors is possible.

Parallax errors have possible effect

When such an occurence is unavoidable during a shooting sequence even when it is rekognized, then take another picture centered on the object to be used as a patch.

In some cases the only solution is Creative Alteration in a suitable picture editing software :