The way to produce a panorama in which most of the scene (any direction) is at some few centimeters of maximum distance from the lens that took the images. Syn. MacroPanoramas, Claustropanos

This definition is yet to be included in a dictionary.

It's generally avoided by casual PanoPhotographers because parallax errors that produces ugly missing or ghosts parts in the composite final image are so frustrating (at the least).

Here is one parallax-error-free example (QTVR 1.5Mb).

Yes, this is my fridge. This was done using :

All these bars that are located at different distances (including closeup) make this picture a real challenge for PTOptimizer: The foreground can present parallax errors of about 40 pixels wrt the background (in a 6000 x 3000 JPG pano) for a mispositionning of the nodal point as little as 0.3mm along the optical axis!

In the case you still wish to reproduce this pano with a SIGMA8mm FishEye, I would then recommand:

More seriously, I have written here a short tutorial about close range spherical panorama.