Flare may affect fisheye lenses

Comparison of ghost images due to flare

A test was performed by shooting at about 85-90 degrees obliquely to the sun on a sunny day with a Canon EOS 5D (in landscape mode). Different lenses of similar focal length were successively mounted:

A series of photographs starting from maximum opening of the diaphragm then f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22 was shot with each of the lens. An Object Movie (flash 3MB) shows the result in each case.Just click on the links above in the list.

In this particular case, only the Sigma and the Samyang show the dreaded ghost colored images. The Samyang being the worst affected.

Please notice that the problem doen't matter much at f/3.5 but it becomes very annoying from f/11 to f/22.

This test doesn't prove that the Nikkor or the Tokina shall never exhibit ghost images. We have demonstrated the contrary in previous articles. But it shows theSamyang being obviously the more sensible to this problem amongst all.


Michel Thoby

8 August 2009.