Comparison of two popular fisheyes

FC-E8 Vs Sigma 8mm f/4

July 2004

1) The FC-E8 fisheye converter (x 0.21) was intended to be used onto the zoom-lens of the older Nikon 9xx Coolpix family. It has been since replaced by the FC-E9 model that seemingly did not match the optical properties of the forerunner in spite of its much larger dimension and weight.

It shall be compared with

2) The Sigma AF 8mm f/4 that is very popular amongst panographers. Associated with APS-c type DSLR, it is the favorite fisheye of most Canon DSLR users as there is no "short" focal length fisheye lens currently available for them. On the contrary, Nikon makes and sells currently the recent Nikkor 10.5 mm f/2.8.

Update in Fev 2006: this has changed as many Canon (fulframe camera) Users have adapted the (shaved) Nikkor 10.5mm on EOS 5D or EOS 1DS. Furthermore the Sigma 8mm is ideally suited for the Nikon DSLR cameras as it allows to shoot a fewer number of photographs to produce full 360° panoramas (the older and better Nikkor 8mm has unfortunatelly been discontinued a long while ago).

Nikon FC-E8 + Canon EFS 18-55

The Nikon FC-E8 converter has been simply adapted in front of the EFS 18-55mm f3.5-5.6. That lens is still provided with some of the Canon DSLR as a "kit" lens.

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From some trials results, it seems that the best aperture is f/11. The zoom-lens was here set at 35mm in order to best simulate the angle of view of the Sigma-EOS 300D combo. About one EV unit value is lost in the process.

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Crops of some of the above image

Center area:

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Near the edge of the picture:

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Panorama QTVR

Here is an example of panography made with this combo:

Sigma 8mm AF EX - Canon mount

f/8 is one of the best setting for that lens.


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First comment: the size of the files of the two (same JPEG setting) compressed images shows a 4 to 3 ratio. It indicates clearly the difference.... the Sigma is much sharper.

Center area:

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Near the edge of the circular image:

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As could be expected the Sigma is much sharper. It also is better when color aberration is concerned.

The FC-E8 converter cannot match the Sigma for its optical qualities.

Comparison of panoramas

EF-S 18-55mm + FC-E8 combo on a Canon EOS 20D

1.6 sec; f/16; ISO 100; f=30 mm 18-01-2005

F/S View

Sigma 8 mm f/4 on a Canon EOS 20D

1,6 sec; f/16; ISO 100; f=8 mm 18-01-2005

F/S View

Michel Thoby

July 2004

Rev: january 2007 (comparison of output panoramas)