How to make a Macro-panorama inside a dishwasher

This is the output panorama:

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I have decided on stitching two pseudo-hemispherical images: one with the camera facing up the other with the camera facing down. This way the hard part would be reduced as the rods of the dish-baskets would not be all along the seams.

The images had to be of more than 180° angle of view: I have decided on using my Tokina 10-17 mm zoom lens at 10-mm of focal length setting that provides about 195 degrees of useful FOV.

As the image is cropped slightly along the longer side of the sensor, two images were shot from the same location (the first in portrait and the second in landscape mode) to get the complete circular image data. This was done for the upward (Zenith) shot and repeated for the downward (Nadir) shot as well.

In short: four images were inputed to PTGui and one pair composed the first hemispherical image, the second pair then composing the second hemispherical image.

With the selected lighting (see illustrations below) I have shot each image at ISO 400, f/22 during 120 seconds and focus distance was manually set at 0.3 meters.

Making of:


The set-up was composed of

The wooden support plate had a hole in it and two screws (for holding the lens/camera combo in place as the camera faced up).

The plate was inserted in the available dishwasher side rails for the Nadir shooting position. Of course, the dimensions of all the elements were such as the NPP would be at a fixed location for the four shots...


Shooting upward (portrait)

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Shooting downward (portrait)

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Michel Thoby

25 October 2007