An accurate home-made spherical panorama head

4th November 2005

Specifications & main features

(*)Temporary dismounting/mounting is allowed for this Nadir shoot (Quick release/lock system) without altering repeatability of position.

The presented design was built for the Canon EOS 20D-300D fitted either with the kit lens (for shots at 18 mm focal length) or the Sigma fisheye. Other lenses could be adapted with some minor modification. Partial panorama (HD and multi-rows) possible.


Main components:

Thus the base plate is made from 9.5 mm thick cast aluminum plate. Most of the rest is made from 6 mm aluminum thick plate, except the Slim rotator sleeve.

Tip: Some epoxy was moulded to precisely position and screw repeatedly the camera on the support plate. Moulding was done around the bottom part of the camera by containing the epoxy in plastic transparent film. After polymerization, this was glued on the aluminum support sheet following some trimming and adjustment with a file.

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Detailed photograph of most individual parts can be seen here (older design).

Next step (currently well under way): Sulfuric hard anodization in an home-made electrolytic installation .