Images of a sure and clean shave

I have used a simple saw and two worm gear clamps to get rid of the sun shield from the Tokina 10-17 mm that I had been provided with the same day in early February 2007.

I then used my supposed skill and with extreme care I followed my earlier experience with the Nikkor 10,5 mm fisheye. I fully succeeded and I have subsequently reported the positive result, but it had been quite a scary and risky surgical ablation;-)

A cleaver Dutch man has since devised an accurate and safe way to shave the Tokina 10-17 mm zoom lens "on a kitchen table":

Wim Koornneef has kindly allowed me to share his inspired method with you.

I have inserted some of his own recommandations near the illustration (Photos by Wim Koornneef) so that you hopefully get the expected outcome come true!

Click on thumbnail picts to enlarge.

About the saw:
This is a cheap device that can be bought in almost every toolshop.
It is important that at both sides of the saw a piece of PVC tape is attached to reduce the space between the saw and the guidebars.
About the sawing:
To prevent that hot metal particles will damage the lens it is wise to use some lens protection made of paper or other material.
Metal particles that will stick to the lens can be blowed away, in no case it must be cleande with a cleansing towel.
PVC tape must be used at the outer side of the lens, otherwise the metal particles that will fall on the rollers under the lens will make scratches on the black coating because you must hold the lens firmly innto position when sawing and because you have to rotate a lot you must also clean from time to time the rollers to prevent that the particles will make rotating difficult.